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How it works


Your child ends the day with a guided relaxation meditation which brings the brain into the right frequency wave to optimally rest and develop at night. Your child will sleep wonderfully and starts the day better rested.


By listening to these meditations, your child develops the skill of meditation. With this skill your child can increase his mental resilience. Your child learns to make himself calm and relaxed. During the day and before bedtime.


By listening to the meditations, your child learns in a casual and relaxed way about themes such as Self-esteem, Love, Friendship, Letting go, Trust, Authenticity, Gratitude, Abundance, Connection, Their body, Breathing and much more.


After our eldest son listened to ‘The frightened birds’ meditation, he surprised us enormously the next morning by taking a sweater with glitter out of the cupboard that he actually did not dare to wear anymore. He did not dare because children from his school had laughed at him with this sweater. He did it anyway. That was such a beautiful moment.
Meditations for Children is really making a difference in our lives right now. Our entire family is working on it and that is very nice. A very nice movement in this turbulent time.

Father with 3 sons, 9, 7 and 4 years old

Janneke van Olphen

The site has beautiful guided meditations, especially for children who have difficulty falling a sleep. For example, because their heads are still full of thoughts or because they are worrying. I am well acquainted with guided meditations and I am not easily impressed, but this is really very nicely done. A very nice movement in this turbulent time.

Mother of 3 boys and author of three books for parents of High Sensitive Children with a Strong Wil.

Marja de Jong

We have been searching for a long time. We also tried other meditations but my daughter couldn’t really relax. And often while listening to those meditations, she could become very angry or very sad. She does not have that with these Meditations. She is just really relaxes with that. She can let go and that is very clever because my daughter is someone who likes to do well and who is a perfectionist. We are very happy with these meditations.

Mother of 8 year old daughter