Meditaties voor kinderen | De visie, de missie en het onmisbare team


Who and why?

Who do we help and what do we help you with?

We help you to let your child (ren) fall asleep relaxed. The meditations are especially suitable for children from 4-14 years. The meditations work best for children who like to calm their mind full of thoughts. Or children who want to feel feelings and direct them. Even children who worry, have doubts or have problems with their reduced confidence will increase their mental resilience with these meditations.

These meditations offer you, as a parent, many advantages:

    • Going to bed produces less tension than before
    • The meditations are a nice end to the sleep ritual and help your child with the transition from day to night
    • Meditating together ensures quality time and connection between child and parent and you can relax with your child by listening along
    • Talking together afterwards about the meditations can be one of the most important moments of deep connection with your child

Why can we help you?

Through experiences with our own children we know well what your child is going through every night. And what this does for you as a parent. We love to contribute to a little happiness in your family from these experiences.\
Onne has a social pedagogical education and a talent for empathizing and attuning to children. He is also a designer from where he incorporates his ideas, thoughts and visions in the meditations. Hilde refines the meditations textually, after which Onne records the meditations and edits them with piano music specially composed for the meditations.

Relaxing and visualizing is second nature to a child. Every meditation starts with making contact with the body through always different breathing exercises. Next comes a story in which the imagination of your child is stimulated with words, unique piano music, silences and light sound effects. By listening to the meditations, your child learns in a casual and relaxed way about themes such as self-esteem, love, friendship, capacity, letting go, trust, authenticity, gratitude, abundance, connection, the body, breathing and much more.

Our mission

With the meditations in this platform we want to help children in a gentle way to fall asleep relaxed and become conscious conscious adults in the long term. If your child is an adult, he or she will be grateful for getting to know this skill.

Onne Kierkels

Onne is the initiator and co-owner of Meditations-for-Children. He is inspired by his own two sons for even more beautiful meditations. From his creative power he conjures up one story after the other. He is a designer, online entrepreneur, web designer and just very passionate about children’s development. He has combined all his passions in this platform!

Hilde Kierkels

Hilde is co-owner of Meditations-for-Children. She is involved because she always looks at the world from multiple perspectives. For Meditations for Children she edits the meditation texts that Onne writes and is involved in the marketing. She regularly falls asleep herself while listening to the meditations.

Alain Vandenbroeck

Alain is very happy with the piano. He is using his intuition when playing the piano and provides the piano music in a few meditations. Based on the spoken meditation texts by Onne, he lets relaxing sounds come from the piano. With his company mUzalain he plays in galleries and at events.